Gate Alignment

If you are located within our service radius (within 45 minutes from our shop location), your fence installation comes with free gate realignments. After a gate is installed, sometimes it can start to drag on the ground due to the concrete or post settling. If your gate is starting to touch the surface of the ground, please click the link below to fill out a simple Google Form to request a free Gate Realignment.

What is a Gate Realignment?

When a gate sags or drags on the ground, we can realign the latch to help the gate align to the latch properly.

What is not included in a Gate Realignment?

If any of the fencing materials are broken or need to be replaced, that is not included in the gate realignment. We do not replace broken pickets, gate hardware, screws, or panels. If you need a fence repair, please contact a handyman or a different service provider. Cutting the bottom of the gate if it is touching the ground is not included in the gate realignment. If the gate is touching the ground significantly, the gate cannot always be aligned without modification, and that is not included in the alignment of latch or hinge service.

How do I schedule a Gate realignment?

If you are within our service radius (within 45 minute distance from our shop location), your warranty includes a free gate realignment. Click on the link below to be automatically added to our alignment service list. Most requests are completed within 3 – 4 weeks after submission. You do not need to be home for this gate realignment to be performed.

Click this link to submit your request:

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