We are as excited as you are for your new fence installation! We know this process can seem overwhelming, so we’ve created this portfolio to help answer common questions you may have!

About Our Company

Q. Where are you located?
We offer Free Fence Estimates: In Person, Virtually, Phone or by Email

Indoor Showroom
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921 Airport Rd
Monroe NC 28110

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Office Hours:
M – Th 9AM – 3PM
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Q. Is your company licensed to operate in this state?
Since we do not install permanent structures, contractor licensing is not required.
Q. Do you have general liability insurance?
Yes, we do.
Q. Is there any pending legal action against your company?
Q. Do you have a portfolio of completed projects i can see?

Yes, you can see on our website many examples of wooden and aluminum fences that we installed in North and South Carolina.

Q. Do you provide references from satisfied customers?

No, but you can go online and read reviews from our customers on Facebook, NextDoor and Google.

Q. Will you use subcontractors for any part of the fence installation process?
No, we are not using subcontractors. Entire fence installation process is done completely by our employees.
Q. How reliable is your fencing company and why should i choose it?
We install over 2000 fences every single year. We are a reputable company, and our installers have been with us for a very long time.
Q. Do you help with HOA submission?

Yes. We submit all the required documents to the HOA, free of charge. However, the HOA will only mail the responses to the submission directly to the homeowner via email or mail. In order to submit for HOA approval, we will need a copy of your lot survey as well as your ARC application form.

Fence Types & Fence Repair

Q. What types of fences do you install?
We install wood, aluminum, vinyl, and chain link fences.
Q. Do you repair fences?
At this time, we do not currently offer fence modification or repairs.

Free Estimate / Contract / Permits / Payment

Q. What’s your sales process?

When you are ready for a fence estimate, call or email us to schedule a day and time for a free fence estimate. We will come out, measure the yard and the area you would like the fencing. Then, the estimator will provide you with a quote for the fence installation.

Q. Do you charge for estimates?
All fence installation estimates are free.
Q. Do you have a minimum amount for a job?
We have a job minimum of $1000.
Q. Will you pull city permits for the fence installation or is that my responsibility?

It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain all necessary or required permits from their city, county or state, as well as approval from their Home Owners Association.

Q. Are there any legal documents I should have before the installation process starts?
Check with your local city and state for any required or necessary permits, as well as your HOA. A lot survey is a legal document provided to you upon closing on your home. This helps the fence installers ensure that the fence will be located within the property lines.
Q. Will you be contacting the utility companies about sending someone out to locate water, gas and power lines before you dig?
We always contact NC or SC 811 to locate underground utilities before installation. Lines that are not marked by NC or SC 811 are not our responsibility, such as but not limited to septic lines, private electrical lines, or irrigation lines.
Q. Will you provide a firm written contract?
Yes! We always provide a written contract and estimate.
Q. When is the payment required?
50% deposit is required upon scheduling the fence installation. The rest is due by the day of the installation. If you used a credit card for the deposit, this card is typically used for the final payment also through our automatic payment system.
Q. Do you require a deposit before starting the installation process?
Yes, we require a 50% deposit.
Q. Should I know of any hidden or additional charges?
Depending on the footage, existing fencing to be removed, concrete areas that need to be cut into, or if additional cleaning is required to make way for the fence installation, there may be other charges. The estimator will review this with you on site.
Q. What forms of payments do you accept?
All forms — credit cards (all types including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express), cash, check. We can take payment over the phone by credit card or PayPal, or email an online invoice for the same. Checks can be mailed in, cash can be dropped off or picked up by the salesperson.
Q. Do you provide a written itemized quote?
No, we provide written quotes that are all-inclusive.

Fence Installation Warranty

Q. Do you offer a warranty on your entire fence installation work?
We offer a lifetime warranty on all workmanship and labor. Our manufacturers also provide their own warranty on the materials.
Q. Do you offer any warranty against termite attack?
All wood is pressure treated. The manufacturer offers a warranty against termite infestation and rotting. Please read their warranty information for more details and what is covered or not covered.

Fence Installation Process

Q. What’s the timeline for the fence installation job to begin?
This depends on our current installation calendar.
Q: How long does it take to finish fence installation process?
Most fence installations take 1 – 2 days, depending on the size of the job and if there is existing fencing to be removed.
Q. Do I have to be home on the day of installation?
It is best for you to be home at the beginning of the installation to review the project layout with the installer and just in case there are any other questions. It is not required for you to be home for the install to be done. If you cannot be home, please be available by phone for any questions that may arise.

I think those are all the questions and PDFs to be updated on the FAQ page.

Q. What is your policy for waste removal and cleanup?
We can remove and dispose of existing fences, but we do not do any additional cleanup work on site. We do not remove dirt. Any dirt that is removed or dug from the ground during installation will remain on the property. The installers generally rack the excess dirty near the post holes.
Q. What the width of each fence panel you plan to install?
Wood fences are custom built on site. Each panel is typically 8 FT in length. Aluminum fences come in panel sizes of 6 FT widths.
Q. How deep will your company set the posts for wooden and aluminum fences?
For fences that are 6FT and shorter, fence posts are installed approximately 2FT into the ground. We use around 30 – 40 lbs of concrete per each post hole, and some additional concrete at the gate posts for extra support. For aluminum fences, we use approximately 20 – 30 lbs of concrete per each post hole.
Q. Will you use premixed 100% bagged concrete or what type of concrete are you going to use?
We use a dry mix of concrete. The installers will dig the post holes, add the dry mix of concrete and use a metal packing bar to pack the mixture around each post. They will level the posts as they do this and ensure that the posts will be sturdy. The natural moisture from the ground will allow the concrete to harden around each post.
Q. How will the slope in my yard be handled (if any)?
The fence will follow the grade (or slope) of the yard unless you specify otherwise. This ensures little to no gaps underneath the fence. If there are gaps, we recommend that you add additional dirt or landscaping near these areas.
Q. Will the owner or foreman of the fence company be present during the job?
Each crew has a foreman on site with them to help assist with the installation.
Q. How should the fence be maintained when you finish the job?
Wood fences may need to be stained or sealed if you would like. This is your preference to help keep the fencing looking new.
Q. How many backing rails do you use?
For 6FT Tall wood fences, we use 4x4x8 posts, and 3 – 2x4x8 rails. The pickets are 1x6x6 with a 5/8″ thickness. The wood is all pressure treated.
Q. Are your posts treated?
Yes, they are.
Q. Do you supply direct from the manufacturer?
Q. Do you offer finishing services like painting the fence?
No, we do not.
Q. Are you going to use nails or screws
We use galvanized nails.
Q. How wide are the gaps in the design you are building, are they private enough?
This is based upon your preference. Wood privacy fencing will have some gaps between pickets over time. Pickets cannot be installed right against each other. There must be room for expansion or contraction of the wood.
Q. In the case of a wooden fence which is the best type of wood you can advise me to use?
We use standard pressure treated wood.
Q: Will the new fence be installed to follow grade or with a level top rail?
This is based upon the customer’s preference. However, unless otherwise specified, the fence will follow the grade of the land as best as possible.
Q: What height will the fence be?
This is based upon the customer’s preference when they speak with their estimator and are provided a quote.
Q: What design and style of rails will be used with the fence?
2x4x8 rails are used for most picket and privacy wood fences.

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