What Are The Most Common Mistakes Concerning Fence Installation?

What Are The Most Common Mistakes Concerning Fence Installation?

Sep 22, 2023 | Fence Installation Charlotte NC, How To, North Carolina, Top Fence Lists

If you’re considering putting a fence in your yard, but want to avoid the most common mistakes made, then we’ve got you covered. Adding a fence to your property is a great idea, as it not only adds to the curb appeal, it can also add to the value of your property, should you ever decide to sell.

Along with keeping intruders out and pets and children in, fences are just aesthetically pleasing as well if done the right way. However, as previously mentioned, there are a few common mistakes that most homeowners make when selecting and installing a fence. If you’re looking to avoid those mistakes, keep reading for some pointers.

Using Poor Quality Fencing Materials

While inexpensive is a good thing, you don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your fencing materials for a budget-friendly price. Whether the fence you choose is wooden, vinyl, aluminum, or chain-link, you want to ensure that it can stand not only the elements but the test of time as well.

Make sure that the materials you choose are from a reputable source that sells only high-quality products for the best results. The last thing you want is to pay for fencing materials, only to find that in a year or so, the fence looks horrible, is coming apart, and needs to be replaced.

Choosing the Wrong Fence

Another common, but simple mistake, many homeowners make is choosing the wrong fence, to begin with. For example, a tall wooden fence might be a great choice for privacy, but not a great choice for surrounding a pool. If you’re looking for a fence for the garden, then a picket fence might do.

The point is there are different types of fences that are suited for different types of jobs, so make sure you choose wisely. Remember, functionality, aesthetics, curb appeal, and convenience should all be taken into consideration when you’re choosing a fence for your property.

Refusing to Hire Professional Fencing Contractors

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is thinking they can easily install a new fence DIY style. While there are plenty of DIY projects that can easily be done out there, installing a fence isn’t one of them. There are zoning and building permits to consider, plus you have to be careful of utilities such as gas lines, electricity, and water lines while you’re installing a fence.

If you hire a professional fencing contractor to take care of these things for you, you’re much less likely to run into problems with your fence installation.

It is important to make sure the fencing contractor you choose is reputable and capable of taking care of your fencing needs, so do your research before making a final decision.

Final Thoughts

Installing a fence on your property should be pretty easy, at least that’s what many homeowners think. However, there’s a whole lot more that goes into selecting and installing a fence, as you see from the most common mistakes above.

If you’re ready to have your fence installed without making the mistakes above, contact us for an appointment today.

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