Best Fence Types for Family & Kids & Pets

Best Fence Types for Family & Kids & Pets

Nov 28, 2018 | Aluminum Fences, How To, Top Fence Lists, Wood Fences

When it comes to selecting the best fence types for animals, family, kids, and pets; there is no lack of choices to make. Between gates, picket width, rail length, and everything in-between, it can be difficult to know where to begin. But whenever you ponder about how to use your yard, and who plays a significant role in using it too, you can limit your selections easily. After evaluating all possible choices with the options below, you would know the best fence types suitable for family, kids, pets, animals, and which material is perfect for the task at hand.

From the onset, you need to be able to understand some crucial considerations and terms when getting a fence. These terms include:

  • Material: The material to use make up a large percentage of the job, so it cannot be ignored. Would you consider aluminum or wood? How about considering composite?
  • Usage: Are you seeking a fence exclusively for privacy or have kids in custody limited only to your yard?

Who is executing the job? Finding a fencing company to trust in completing such situations too can be a tricky task, but running it alone can turn out to be more delicate.

One big caution, though. The first step to executing any fencing project is to check your local guidelines and statues to ensure such plan are in compliant with local laws.

What Are Fences Made of?

Fences are made from different materials to suit different needs and styles. Usually, each fence style does come with different sub-variants that run the gamut of chain link, to steel, to wood. Each type of fencing material comes with its unique advantages.


Woods are more versatile fencing material that is pretty useful in achieving any fencing style for family, to kids, and also pets. Wood fencing is made into different shapes and sizes, and whenever you do cannot find a configuration matching your desire, you can always design your own. Pre-manufactured wood fencing comes in six- or eight-foot sections panels. They characteristically come in sizes to either aid as a restraint for kids and pets or privacy purposes. The real beauty in using wood fencing is the ability to paint and create any designs you desire. Painting works better with wood, in contrast to aluminum or vinyl.

Nevertheless, the problem of wood is its maintenance. Unlike vinyl or aluminum, woods are organic material that deteriorates over time. Even with regular treatment of wood for outdoor use, they can and would eventually rot. Additional consideration includes wood contraction and expansion as weather changes. Over time, fasteners can become loose, which may necessitate inexpensive spot-fixing. However, Treatments like sealant or stain can extend the lifespan of your wood fence and its parts.


Durable and Lightweight, vinyl fencing provides an excellent option for individuals seeking a fence with high-end appeal and comes at an affordable rate. Vinyl fencing features a fairly low-maintenance option, with various designs available and you can also get a mimic high-end wooden panel. Typically found in white, Vinyl fence lends a pleasant contrast when used with black hardware. Adaptability of design is never an issue with Vinyl.

So, if you are partial to pickets or prefer a more closed-slat design, vinyl fence are available in several choices that are visually pleasing irrespective of your preference. And while vinyl remains a durable choice, the can turn brittle with time. Lawnmower bumps and string trimmers can affect the vinyl fence after a while. But, since vinyl is relatively modular and prefabricated, getting parts for replacement and making repairs are straightforward.

Chain Link

The old chain-link fence is unbeatable when it comes to containment and durability. Reasonably inexpensive and amazingly durable, chain link fencing becomes a practical idea whenever you desire a fence with a budget that cuts out the more expensive options.

However, if you prioritize privacy, chain link fence is not the best option. There are other options of using fabric coverings and plastic inserts to keep out the outside world, but they still are not the ideal approach if you are also worried about appearance as well.


Aluminum or steel fence make available a durable option that takes the appearance of wrought iron deprived of all that troublesome metal hammering on an anvil. Made from metal, Aluminum or steel fencing is are so durable, long-lasting, and sturdy. The painting method applied here is powder coating, which involves covering the metal for a clean, even, and a more delicate feel.

Aluminum or steel fence is created by rolling long tubes of metal over a preset die which decides the shape on every piece. For each section, the metal thickness determines the strength. So, the thicker the metal, the more resistant it is to bending or damaging. Like the vinyl fence, the aluminum fence is also mainly modular, so making customization and upgrades are easy. The aluminum fence also features several additions like ornamental choices, post caps, and rail styles for improving the appeal as a modest or outlandish fence.

How Do You Plan to Use A Fence for Your Yard?

There are several reasons why an individual may consider adding a fence to their yard. Whether you plan on keeping the kids and pets in or neighbors out, each fence type has its benefits for specific needs.

What are the best fences for small kids?

Fencing do more than just keeping small kids confined; it is also a means to keep them safe. In some areas, pool fencing is part of the law. And for that fence to be compliant with the law, it needs to follow the standards for minimum distance between pickets, height, the length between the bottom and top rails.

That said, the best fences for small kids are aluminum fencing, vinyl fencing, and wood fencing. They all work well in keeping kids safe. If you are considering making a fence for backyard mischiefs, virtually all fence types will do. However, the wood fence can develop splinters and other wood-related injuries. You can go for finished, sanded wood for making your fence.

Why do I need a fence for my kids?

Getting the best fence for kids offers excellent benefit you would love. These benefits include:

  • Keep your kids close
  • Keep the swimming pool off limits
  • Provides privacy
  • Provides safety for your kids from animals and intruders

What are the best fences for your family to feel secure (Privacy)?

Whether it is your family’s privacy you are out to preserve, then you have got a lot of options. The best fences for the family make more than a statement in your yard; it also offers new aesthetics for you to remain happy with it over time. There are plenty of options when it comes to the best fences for your family. The wood fences and vinyl fences remain the most traditional picks. A metal fence is excellent options for decorative and protective functions, but they still do not meet up as the first option when privacy becomes a priority.

So, depending on what makes up the primary reason behind getting a family fence, whether private or not, remember to factor in the height and obstructive view. Slats can provide some depth if staggered. Also, if butt right up against each other, slats can give you that fortified privacy feel. Staggered slats are inclined to offer more airflow, but when placed at a right angle, they do not entirely stop prying eyes. Similar to all fencing styles, it all comes down to personal preference.

Below are collections of fences styles to get you thinking about what fence style would suit your family and your yard.

  • Bamboo Fence
  • Black Horizontal Slats Fence
  • Climbers Wall Wood Fence
  • concrete fence
  • Gabion Wall Stone and Wood Fence
  • Horizontal Stained Wood Planks Fence
  • Iron Fence
  • Repurposed Pallet Fence
  • Simple Vinyl Fence
  • Wood and Corrugated Metal Fence

What Are the Best Fences for Pets?

Pets have become a vital member of every household, and it is imperative we keep them safe. The American Pet Products Association states that 68% of households in the U.S.A. own a pet. In getting the best fences for pets, there are a few key things to consider. The first factor to consider in keeping your pets penned in is the height of the fence. The size and strength of your pet would determine the right depth to apply to your desired fence style. The fence style needs to be set and the best height selected in a way that keeps your pet right where you need them. Another critical consideration is the distance amongst slats if the pickets between a fence should not be big enough to let your pets out.

Having a pet does not imply any limitation to a particular fence style. You can pick different styles available under the aluminum fences and vinyl fences. You might like the great aluminum bar-type fences or the vinyl fences which does well in imitating the appearance of traditional wooden picket fences. The vinyl fences are also stronger than most wood fence types, so your pets would find it easy in chewing or gripping them. Similar to aluminum fences, they do not rust easily. This feature of aluminum and vinyl fences protects your pet from tetanus.

Can I Use Fence Panels for My Pets?

The fence panel options give a better impression of elegance, security, simplicity, and tradition. It is another critical choice to make when making your fence design. The fence panels come in different styles, and aid serves you functionally in addition to aesthetics.

The standard fence may not provide enough safety for small kittens or puppies from climbing over or escaping between the posts. They are beautiful puppy fences intended for this purpose. Dog fence panels and puppy fence panels both keep your pets safe. Such fence panels are designed from calculated heights and made strong enough to make your ambitious pet not chew through or push them over.

Fence panels are vital in closely monitoring pets since different breeds possess different abilities and desires to escape.

  • Large-sized pets, say Golden Retriever and Labrador, are usually very strong thus requires the installation of stronger fence systems.
  • Small-sized pets, like Chihuahuas, can continually escape with little space but lack the stature to go over massive walls. So, you may want to consider a small space between the fence and more massive walls.
  • Medium-sized pets, like Boxers, are usually very good at remaining within a confined area once they notice it is impossible to leave. If you choose a fence tall enough, there is a good chance they would not be able to leap over the fence.

Medium-size dog breeds are either bred as hunting dogs or guard dogs. Hunting dogs may attempt to dig beneath the fence, so it is essential to keep a close watch. These are instinctive behaviors which may change by merely installing a small fence around your pet.

If you still find it difficult to keep your pets within a perimeter, you may require an extra line of defense. This extra line of defense could be in the form of a remote training collar which makes use of low shock, sound, or vibration.


When we talk about the best fence for family, kids, and pet in any home improvement project, there are several factors to consider. These factors vary from closures, grade, level, pitch, post distance, post holes, and several other things that are needed to make the best fencing for your property. Before making the first call to your local fencing company, ensure to note if it is possible to set up a fence within your neighborhood. Also, contact should be made to concerned parties involving any buried lines, as they need to be flagged before digging commence.

Also, obtaining several estimations from reliable fencing company would aid you to decide who is best for the job. It is worthy to note that the cheapest evaluations do not necessarily mean the best. Same goes for the highest estimations. The best fencing company are open, truthful, and willing to work to satisfy all your fencing needs.

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