Guide: How to Choose a Fence Installation Company

Guide: How to Choose a Fence Installation Company

Nov 26, 2018 | How To, North Carolina

Apart from buying a landed property, whether commercial or residential, one of the most important purchases you will make is making further investments in purchasing a fence. Buying a fence involves you weighing into a lot of factors before pronouncing an informed buying decision. We all can agree a fence serves several purposes which includes additional security, privacy for kids and keeping pets safely within your yard.

Selecting the right type of fence is a vital part of the preparation if you are in view of choosing a fencing company for your fence needs. Apart from the fence design, there are also several factors to out into consideration before installing any fence. These factors to consider include:

  • Aesthetics
  • The Purpose
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Safety


There are several selections to pick from if you desire a more appealing fence. Fencing used for Aesthetics includes custom fencing, wood fencing, and Vinyl fencing.

The Purpose:

One primary thing to always keep in mind is the purpose of installing a fence. This purpose may consist of installation for aesthetics/ visual appeal, privacy, security, and safety of your kids and pets, or to eliminate noise coming from the street. You should first decide on which of them you need the most. This choice would help the fencing company provide solutions to solve this need.


If you fall amongst individuals who love their privacy more, then it is most common to install a privacy fence around your property. Privacy fences come in various options with the best selection installation come as boards – e.g., wood panel fencing. Installation of privacy fence is also quite cheap and offers natural beauty to your fence. Nevertheless, they involve consistent maintenance and replacement to maintain its appearance, so you have to be ready.


If you rank security on top, then security fences are the best option for you. Fences used for security are usually aluminum, steel or wrought iron. They are taller with no room for gripping to thwart any potential intruders from climbing successfully. Nevertheless, if you plan a bigger budget for security, you may get an electric fence. Electric Fence applies electric shocks when touched, and allow more visibility too.


If security and privacy do not make up a significant factor for you, and you only desire to protect your family and pets, especially from crossing the boundary, then safety fence is for you. A good example is chain link fence made from coated or galvanized steel wires and bent in a zig-zag design.

There are several choices and types of fence to pick from, all dependent on the option will work for you.

Choosing A Fence Installation Company

Possibly the most significant question to answer is which fence installation company would do the job. This question can create some level of confusion if you are new to selecting from several fence installation companies giving you estimates. You would undoubtedly experience various general technicians claiming to be certified fence installers. While their claims may be technically correct, you would likely be needing more than that to progress results if you wish to get the best job done once.

Working with the right fence installation company would help you understand and guide you through the whole process, from negotiating to installing to maintenance, they make it as simple as possible. Fence installation companies are better able and suited to solving all fence related problems including installations. They can also offer professional opinions on various queries relating to the fence. A fence installation company would also be suited to handling any issues arising afterward. A specialist in the form of fence installation company is also more prone to understand and abide by all appropriate local guidelines or rules regarding fence installation.

So, irrespective of the fence type and fence installation you opt for, you would always find a fencing company suitable to solve your needs.

How to Choose Fence Installation Company

Selecting a fencing company for your business or home fence needs do not have to be a challenging task. One major mistake a lot of people make is choosing a fencing company based merely on pricing decision alone. The goal is to make you feel safe and secure when putting a pen to the fence contract. While finding a handyman to handle the installation process for your next fencing project may sound good, the actual end product may not be worth such an effort. Also, areas with extreme weather conditions require such expertise from fencing companies to get the best output.

Fencing installation is primarily a task well suited for professional contractors in the form of a fencing company, who are experienced and trained in executing all fencing related task. While not every fencing company can deliver similar benefits, there still is an essential list of decision-making factors that are capable of making the selection of fence installation company easy.

If you are in the market for fence installation needs, here is how to choose the right fence installation company. The five (5) Key Areas how to choose fence installation company include:

  • Experience
  • Materials
  • Quality installation
  • Dedication
  • Proof.

Fence Installation Company Experience

First and foremost, you need to ensure you are getting the best possible deal! Experience plays a crucial area in executing any successful fencing project. An experienced fencing company should be completely insured. Every fence service focused business you find on the web boost of a certain level of experience on their page. Some make specifications on the number of years of experience they possess.

Again, what exactly does it mean to have experience? Does it imply the business has been in existence for the specified number of years or the experience of its crew members? Does it indicate their years of experience with different fence types?

Finding out the number of years of experience the crew has on the specific fencing needs you require is very important. Knowledge does not end at the top, you are paying for a particular need and any experienced crew and would be more than happy to discuss the specifics with you.

Questions to Ask:

  • Do you have general liability insurance?
  • How reliable is your fencing company and why should I choose it?
  • How will the slope in my yard be handled (if any)?
  • Is your company licensed to operate in this state?
  • Is there any pending legal action against your company?
  • What forms of payments do you accept?
  • Will you provide a firm written contract?

Fence Installation Materials

The choice and quality of materials determine what long-term guarantees a fencing company would offer. To reinforce such longevity, it becomes a vital area when choosing your next fencing company. For instance, ornamental iron fencing you could get long-term guarantees ranging from five years to with full 20-year warranties. Depending on what you want, you need to ask about the quality fencing systems offered by a fencing company. As advised, always settle for better quality materials.

Questions to Ask:

  • Are you going to use nails or screws?
  • Are your posts treated?
  • What’s your sales process?
  • Do you charge for estimates?
  • Do you have a minimum amount for a job?
  • Do you supply direct from the manufacturer?
  • Do you offer finishing services like painting the fence?
  • Do you provide a written itemized quote?
  • How should the fence be maintained when you finish the job?
  • In the case of a wooden fence which is the best type of wood, you can advise me to use?
  • Should I know of any hidden or additional charges?
  • When is the payment required?
  • Will you use premixed 100% bagged concrete or what type of concrete are you going to use?
  • Will the new fence be installed to follow grade or with a level top rail?
  • What height will the fence be?
  • What design and style of rails will be used with the fence?

Quality of Fence Installation.

Even with the use of the best materials and having an experienced fencing company working on your commercial or residential property, the installation process has to be done right. If the fencing company does not employ the use of the very best support systems during fence installation to cover for various soil and weather conditions, you may end up spending more on fence repairs down the road.

Selecting a fencing company that offers both fencing installation and repair is a great start when seeking for Quality installation. It may appear dull, but it remains a crucial area especially when you want to avoid regular fixing and fencing repairs. Ask what type of fencing installation systems they operate how effective they are? A good fencing company would help prevent regular wear and tear, like sagging and damaged wood fencing, by using techniques with added support fitting of your fence choice and environment.

Questions to Ask:

  • Do I have to be home on the day of installation?
  • Do you repair fences or decks?
  • Do you offer a warranty on your entire fence installation work?
  • Do you offer any warranty against termite attack?
  • Do you require a deposit before starting the installation process?
  • How deep will your company set the posts for wooden and aluminum fences?
  • How long does it take to finish the fence installation process?
  • How many backing rails do you use?
  • How wide are the gaps in the design you are building, are they private enough?
  • What’s the timeline for the fence installation job to begin?
  • What the width of each fence panel you plan to install?
  • What types of fences do you install?
  • Will you use subcontractors for any part of the fence installation process?
  • Will you be contacting the utility companies about sending someone out to locate water, gas and power lines before you dig?
  • Will the owner or foreman of the fence company be present during the job?

Dedication of Fence Installation Team

Nobody would argue that the real dedication to any craft is a crucial area separating good fencing company from bad fencing company. It merely implies being active in trade associations and attaining prestigious certifications within such industry.

Questions to Ask:

  • Are there any legal documents I should have before the installation process starts?
  • Do you help with HOA submission?
  • Will you pull city permits for the fence installation or is that my responsibility?
  • What is your policy for waste removal and cleanup?

Proof of Fences Installed

Eventually, every business has to prove its worth. Pictures always speak volume and are good illustrations to look out for in a fencing company. While any business can include genuine testimonials to their web page, from Google+ and the likes, seeing real proof of preceding fencing jobs is essential in degerming the quality of job offered by the fencing company.

A fencing company, at the very least, should be able to list identifiable and respected clients that have complete trust in their fencing process.

Questions to Ask:

  • Do you have a portfolio of completed projects I can see?
  • Do you provide references from satisfied customers?
  • Where are you located, and do you have current office space?


Generally, ensure that you have a written, closed agreement before embarking on any work together with a fence installation company. The contract should contain a clear description of the fencing task to be achieved.

  • Additional information relating to payments. And
  • The likely time the task is going to be completed.

After taking such evaluation and ensuring that you are ready, it is time to make contacts with the Fence Installation Company Around you.

A reliable Fence Installation Company would be more than happy to go to your property and proffer estimated fees for the job you want to be done. Also, be mindful about any Fence Installation Company wanting to provide you with estimated costs over the phone. In its place, stick to scheduling consultations with various Fence Installation Companies and get estimates in writing to aid your assessment later.

Understanding the critical criteria on how to choose fence installation company can go a long way in assisting you to get the very best fencing investment, security, save money, and time you deserve. I hope you get the best fencing job done with the help of our guide.

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