Top Signs that Your Deck Needs to be Repaired

Top Signs that Your Deck Needs to be Repaired

Sep 13, 2016 | Wood Fences

Home decks can be a perfect spot in your abode where you can relax with your family, entertain your guest and enjoy a long conversation with friends. These special structures can make your residence even cozier because they are constructed from items used to build a home. Just like other structures, at one time or the other, your decks will need some repair. It is important to know the top signs that your deck needs to be repaired.

Decaying or Rotting Wood

The average life expectancy of a wooden deck is quite a short time. Frequent exposure to harsh weather elements such as heavy rainfall can cause your wooden deck to root and deteriorate over time. The first signs of decay will be seen in areas where rainwater puddles. Replacing planks of wood can easily solve this menace, but if the deck frame starts to rot, it is definitely time to repair your deck.

Corroded and Loose Components

Loose connections and components of your deck can be a surefire sign that your deck should be repaired. Loose components are a signal of wear and tear and are a part of a deck’s aging process. This is a problem that should not be ignored but instead, have it resolved before it compromises the strength and sturdiness of your house.

Cracks in the Wood

Some carpenters will promise you of crack-resistant wood while building your deck and you will definitely go for such materials. However, we cannot ignore the fact that wood cracks with time as part of the normal wear and tear. Large cracks on planks of wood on your deck can weaken it making it more vulnerable and susceptible to crumbling down. Even with the frequent application of preservative coatings, cracks will still happen on wood. Contact Sunrise Fence today for more information.

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